Reishi Spores
Reishi is a symbol of good fortune. It is greatly treasured in China, and is considered to possess spiritual qualities. It is even called "Herb of the Fairies" in the legends of Chinese Medicine. Two thousand years ago, the first Chinese Pharmacopoeia "Shen Nung Ben Cao Ching" stated: "Red Reishi, also called Dan Chih, bitter taste, moderate, non- toxic, treats knot in the chest, benefits air in the heart, replenishes the middle. Increases wisdom and banishes amnesia. Long- term use makes the body feel lighter and aging stops, increasing the years to those of the fairies."

Later on, the work of To Wang Jing of the Leung Dynasty "Famous Doctor's Almanac" and the work of Li Shih- chen of the Ming Dynasty "Ben Cao Gang Mu" both verified the therapeutic value of Reishi. In the past 30 years, top microbiologists and pharmacologists in China and Japan conducted pharmaceutical analyses and clinical studies on Reishi, using modern scientific technology. They isolated the active ingredients and verified the effectiveness of Reishi.



The main active ingredients of Reishi are Reishi Polysaccharides, Reishi Triterpenes, Organic Germanium, etc., which are the physiologically active ingredients. In the fruitbody, the highest amount of Polysaccharides are found in the Reishi spores. However, the spores are very scarce, occurring in less than 1Kg per 1,000Kg of dry Reishi fruitbody. So, they are extremely valuable. Reishi spores are the very small "seeds" of Reishi which are released into the air when Reishi is ripe. As Reishi spores are surrounded by two layers of hard shells, much of their contents go through our gastrointestinal system undigested. The effectiveness of Open Spores is several dozen times higher than intact spores, and is the result of the massive release of Reishi's overall ingredients after the spores have been broken up.



1. Only the best quality of Reishi spores are chosen.
2. The spores are broken up in completely sealed containers under low temperatures to prevent oxidation. 98% of the broken pieces are smaller than 2 microns, a very high yield rarely achieved.
3. Contains much higher amount of active ingredients such as Reishi polysaccharide and Reishi triterpenes than of products produced from the fruit body or mycelium, to match the amount found in natural concentrates of the active ingredients of Reishi.
4. The amounts of organic germanium, selenium, and zinc are much higher than any other products.
5. Taken over a long period of time, it is non- toxic and free from side- effects.



1. It induces the production of interferon, activates natural killer cells and macrophages, strengthens the immune system, strengthens and improves the functions of various organs in the human body, especially the virus- suppressing nucleoproteins.
2. It reduces the side- effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and is especially useful for improving the quality of life for terminal cancer patients.
3. For the circulatory system, it strengthens the heart, improves circulation in the coronary arteries.
4. It can strengthen the detoxification function of the liver, reducing SGOT and SGPT, improving liver function and repairing damaged liver tissues.
5. It acts as an analgesic, sedative and cough suppressant.
6. It improves digestion.
7. It is a good supplement for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and menopause etc.


Suggested Use
Take 2 capsules, twice a day, cancer patients three times a day (Best taken with Vitamin C).

Each box contains 60 capsules.

Net weight:19.2g.